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Hell Beckons: Chilling New Paranormal Novel Sees President Call on Lusty, Evil Witch to Rid Nation of Terrorists. Hailed “Dark and Horrifying Tale” by Critics.

 Richard L. Becker’s ‘Hell Beckons’ fuses fact with fiction as one truly evil witch has a chance to redeem herself by using her magic, along with demonic creatures she has befriended, to save the United States from terrorists. The call came directly from the White House, from a President who was also a former lover and shares her unspeakable art. Not for the faint of heart, Becker’s heart-pumping adventure is graphic, intense and sure to leave readers questioning their own morals.

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Olathe, Kansas – While paranormal fiction has seen an undeniable boom in popularity, both readers and critics are crying out for wholly unique new narratives that don’t succumb to recycling of the ‘same old’ concepts. Thankfully, author Richard L. Becker is bucking the trend with gusto, fusing fact and fiction in a dark new novel that uncovers a last resort-option to fighting the threat of terrorism.

‘Hell Beckons’ is swimming in five-star reviews, but it comes with a warning; Becker pulls no punches when throwing readers into a vivid world of dark magic, violence and sex. Open-minded and ready for adventure? Read on!


Sandy’s a beautiful and playful witch who violates the Wiccan Creed by casting harmful magic to satisfy her needs. Johnny’s a part-time rock singer driven to fulfill his darkest fantasies. Together, they cut a bloody trail across the American landscape with the assistance of Ravagers – demonic entities that feed on human misery.

Are they about to become heroes? After terrorists devastate the nation’s children, the President turns to Sandy and her magic for help. He had known her years ago; they are former lovers forever joined by one unspeakable act.

So Sandy and her murderous boyfriend are asked to come to the aid of America, to use their special gifts to battle terrorists on the streets of American cities and in a war-torn Middle East nation.

But can the President trust the beautiful witch? Can Sandy do enough good to make amends for the evil she has caused? Does she even want to do so? And why does she involve Ravagers, who seem to have plans of their own?

Sandy is part-demon and part-angel, a sensual woman desired by many and feared by all, and she takes anyone who will follow on a journey steeped in violence and lust, in which the destination is known only to her.

The fate of humanity lies in her hands. And if Sandy has learned anything, it’s that the use of magic can lead to unforeseen and tragic results.

“My goal was to twist something entirely new into the fray of paranormal fiction,” explains the author. “Rather than make the story pure fantasy, I injected an undercurrent of real-world terrorism to keep readers on the edge of their seats with a force they can actually relate to. Weaving fact around fiction gives the book an unseen dimension that brings it chillingly close to home for my audience.”

Continuing, “It’s certainly not a book for young adults; but also breaks new ground for its uninhibited approach to its depictions. If you’re not afraid to switch the light off with images of demons in your mind, this makes the perfect read.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of excellent reviews. For example, The Bibliophilic Book Blog comments, “The author has a chilling way with words which draws you deeper into the world he’s created. HELL BECKONS is not for the squeamish, with graphic depictions of sex, violence, and truly dark magicks. In HELL BECKONS, the author drops you into the action and you pick up the background of the characters as the story unfolds. Read HELL BECKONS at your own risk!”

Chris Stewart adds, “This book builds off a wildly unique concept that is cleverly and satisfyingly developed by Mr. Becker. It weaves together Ivy League secret societies, modern geopolitics, witches, and demons. I would recommend Hell Beckons to fans of horror thrillers and political thrillers because it’s a gripping combination of the two.”

‘Hell Beckons’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1xXjS4i.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://rlbfiction.com.

About the Author:

Richard L. Becker is a graduate of Lehigh University and Yale Law School. He practices family law in Kansas and Missouri. His novel, ‘The Catch,’ will be published by Midnight Frost Books in the spring of 2015. He is at work on his next novel.

Contact: Richard Becker / 913.558.6913 / rbecker031@hotmail.com


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