By Nadine Durnya on October 5, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase Imagine a dating show where all the contestants have either been accused or convicted of vicious crimes, and the object of their affection enjoys punishing them in front of a world-wide audience, some of whom go to pay-per-view sites for special footage. The winning contestant regains her freedom; the punishments for the losers can be going back to jail or trial, or being murdered. And since the show happens on an island nation, the people running the show can do whatever they want to the contestants.

That’s what Amber Johnson, an accused killer, faces. Both quiet and assertive, sarcastic and standoffish, she competes against women like her Goth roommate [convicted of murder by arson] and a bitchy blonde [convicted of murder by poison] to survive the show and to her surprise, for the bondage expert’s affections.

The forces on the show want Amber to die, and Michael’s developing feelings for her become as much a threat to her as the show itself. But Amber seems to be falling for him, too…

The story propels the reader to keep turning pages to find out not only if Amber will survive, but if will she end up with Michael.

If this were a real television show, I’d be watching it, and so would millions of others. For now, all we can do is read the book.thecatch_333x500

By Zeecé Lugo on November 4, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This book really drew me in quickly. I found the premise to be creative and absolutely riveting. The author created a story that brings in elements from Survivor, Lost, and The Bachelor. The heroine is a young woman accused of murdering both her husband and daughter and sure to get a death sentence conviction. She is given a chance to join an immensely popular TV game show where she competes with other females, all guilty of hideous crimes. The contestants are sequestered in an island from which they cannot escape. The goal of the game is to win the affection of and be chosen by the handsome prince charming. The prize: escaping the certainty of a death sentence or life in prison. The catch: only woman can win, and the losers may face worse consequences than their original plights. The novel is well written. It packs plenty of suspense and drama as the characters use any and all tricks to defeat each other. The heroine is a strong and complex character. The surprising twist at the end comes fast and truly unexpectedly. This is definitely an adult read as it has strong sexual content. All in all, this was a satisfying reading experience.

The bachelor with a big twist!

By Lincoln on November 8, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book was thrilling from the start to the finish and I honestly found myself frantically trying to finish it once I had started it. I didn’t know what to expect and found myself thoroughly enthralled by the story. It was about a reality television show unlike anything on the air today, but totally believable with how things have been going in recent years. Essentially, prisoners are on the bachelor, and it is up to him to determine their fate.

Except it isn’t. It’s all being run through edits and cuts that tell whatever story brings the most ratings. I found the romance in the story to be completely believable and I liked a lot of the characters. The ones I didn’t like were still creative and multi-dimensional, so it wasn’t a simple story.

It had quite a bit of graphic moments, but they weren’t overwhelming too the story and they didn’t feel intrusive. It reminded me a lot of the movie Gamer with the meta story it was trying to tell about our culture, and it felt like a spiritually similar story with a wholly unique perspective.

Highly recommended!

Format: Kindle Edition

The Catch kept me guessing almost to the very last page as my sympathies for the main character Amber, accused of murdering her husband and child, waxed and waned as snippets of her past and personality are slowly revealed. Is she innocent as she maintains? Or is she as deserving of a long prison sentence or death as most of the other ‘contestants’ on this extreme game show where 13 women compete to win the affections of rich, callous and sadistic man. The prize, if they impress him enough, is life and freedom, for the losers, death or imprisonment chosen on a whim of the ‘Catch’. Desperation wars with false smiles as the women try to be appealing, whilst fighting amongst themselves for advantage, as one by one they are voted off.
There are sexual and violent scenes, but nothing that would bother anyone but the most squeamish. Definitely a recommended read.


By Page LaRue on October 10, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Amber Johnson’s husband and two-year-old daughter have disappeared, and she is the prime suspect. Instead of the usual US justice system, she’s given a chance to be tried on a reality TV show called “The Catch.”

Amber is whisked away to a tropical island nation that goes by no laws but its own, much to the delight of the viewers. She may be sentenced to lethal injection, be awarded a new husband, or other outcomes.

I’ll stop here to avoid spoilers, but this book was a crazy, clever take on how over-the-top reality TV has become. I really enjoyed it. Five stars.

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