The Neighborhood

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Taylor has problems. She can alter reality to benefit herself or someone else, but in doing so terrible consequences occur to other people. In a city she saves a young boy from dying; she later learns the son of a close friend, Melissa, died at the same time.

She also cannot find love; her power prevents men from loving her.

But things really go downhill when Taylor moves into an exclusive neighborhood and finds herself embroiled with conspiracy nuts obsessed with an assassination; an 11 year old genius; a slave tormented by Taylor’s neighbors and the slave’s husband, seeking vengeance; an economic revolt against The Government; her friend, Melissa, descending towards madness; a comedy network; a physicist writing dreadful children’s books; a National Security adviser wanting to kill her; and Some Other Place, which may or may not exist, where Taylor loses her power but finds true love.

The Neighborhood considers the issues of our time in scenes of political intrigue, romance, horror and dark comedy.

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